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Gary Schaffer

Gary (a.k.a. Dutch Holland) was an air personality in the early 1960’s at Gainesville’s WDVH and WUWU (PD-1963), and Orlando’s WLOF (promotions-1964). He also worked in Miami at WFUN before following PD Dick Starr to San Francisco’s KYA in 1968 as midday host and music director. While on the West Coast, he got his feet wet doing record promotion work, and went on to join Henry Stone’s Tone Distributors upon his return to Miami in the early 70’s.

He eventually returned to radio as music director WDBO-FM in Orlando. In 1982, he was one of three deejays there taking over the station’s control room for three hours to protest losing their jobs due to the station’s switch from easy listening to country. The trio, who said the action was not a publicity stunt, agreed to end the takeover in exchange for two weeks extra severance pay, a letter of recommendation, and a promise that they would not be blackballed.

Schaffer passed away February 13, 2013 at the age of 72.

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