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Chris Wolf

Chris moved to central Florida in 1975 to work at WONN in Lakeland, but his stay was all too short. He was hired to do overnights as Chris Kelly, but was bumped up to AM drive when the morning man suddenly turned in his notice. Chris was good and he did excellent production work, as other central Florida stations would soon find out.

After WONN, Chris landed jobs at CK101 in Cocoa Beach and WLOF in Orlando. In 1978 he moved to Tampa Bay and took the Production Director’s job at Pinellas County’s first talker, WPLP in Pinellas Park, and pulled weekends at Q105. He returned to Orlando in 1980 as Production Manager for WORJ-FM before making the transition into television at WOFL-TV Channel 35 as an operation’s engineer. Things really started booming for Chris’ career at this point in time, and by 1984, he had been promoted to Promotions Manager and then to Director of Programming and Promotion.

Chris joined Orlando’s WKCF-TV Channel 18 in 1994 as Director of Station Operations, and two years later was recruited by Fox Television Stations, Inc. as Director of Programming and Promotion for their Philadelphia affiliate. There, Chris was soon promoted to VP of Programming and Creative Services. In 2003 he founded Lone Wolf Communications, a boutique television advertising and marketing consultancy, but returned to television full time in 2006.

The years in radio and TV have been good to Chris and he’s gotten enough awards to prove it. In addition to his four Mid-Atlantic Emmy awards, he has also been recognized for his work by the New York Film and Tape Festival, Broadcast Promotion Association, and the Broadcast Design Association for various on-air promotional campaigns.

Chris is a past member of the Fox Affiliate Promotion and Programming Board, and has served as creative consultant to Sony Pictures Television, Paramount Domestic Television, and Carsey-Werner Television for the national syndication launch of the programs Married With Children, Seinfeld, Mad About You, Fraiser, and Third Rock from the Sun.

Today (2006) Chris is Director of Creative Services and Programming for WGNT-TV in Portsmouth-Norfolk, VA. He and his wife, the former Cheryl Menges of Lakeland (whom he met while working at WONN), live in Virginia Beach, VA, and have a daughter, Morgan.

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