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Sal Tee

Sal Tee (Salvatore Taglireno), known as "The Dean of Doo-Wop," first presented his “Hall of Fame” show on WTTM in Trenton, NJ each Sunday night in the early 1970’s. By the summer of 1975, he was broadcasting from WTNJ Saturday afternoons. In addition to hosting the radio program, he worked with many of the artists and sponsored doo-wop groups in nightclub shows in the area.

Two things set Sal’s show apart from any others. One was that he not only played the name artists, like the Five Keys, the Charms, and the Clovers, but also lesser-knowns, like the Channels, the Flairs, and the Stereos. Secondly, he included a lot of history and detail about the artists, like how the groups got their names, where they were from, and the names of their members.

Sal left New Jersey in the late 1970’s and joined Orlando’s WDBO full-time in 1980. For 12 years, his show (re-titled “Sal Tee’s Solid Gold Reunion”) featured music drawn from his personal collection of more than 30,000 albums and became Arbitron-rated #1 in its time period.

Due to the success of “Solid Gold Reunion”, the show was later syndicated as “Sal Tee’s Doo Wop Reunion” in 36 markets. 

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