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Rock Robinson

Although born in Muskegon, Michigan, it was in Lansing in 1954 that Rock Robinson began his radio career. Fortunately for him (and us), the World War II vet gave up those cold northern winters in the spring of 1956 and headed for Florida where he landed a job with WHOO.

Rock was in a class all to himself. He looked sharp and loved wearing bow ties. His banter on the air usually consisted of sentences with words that rhymed at the end. He was very hip – an Orlando original. There was no one else in the market who even came close to putting a on a show like he could.

Robinson saw numerous other jocks come and go during his years at WHOO. Then, in the spring of 1967, management brought in more new faces in their continuing efforts to find a way to unseat WLOF, which had overtaken them as Orlando’s number one Top 40 station. Among those new faces that year was a new morning man, Mac Allen, from Miami’s WQAM.

After losing his morning air shift, Rock moved into the newly created position of news and public affairs director, and basically became a PR man to represent the station at various civic functions around town.

In 1968, WHOO gave up the fight with WLOF, dropped the Top 40 format, and switched to country. Following the death of his father the following year, he returned to Michigan and continued his radio career there for a few years before moving back to Orlando in 1974 and getting involved in the time-share business.

Rock Robinson retired in 1983 and passed away from complications of Parkinson’s disease on January 23, 2013. He was 93.


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