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Bob Andrews

This Eustis native’s resume reads like a Who’s Who list of top stations in the greater Orlando area. Bob’s first radio job, in the late 40’s, was working with Leesburg’s WLBE when he was right out of college. From there he went on to WORZ, Orlando’s NBC affiliate, stations in Tampa Bay and Daytona Beach (WROD), and Jacksonville’s WPDQ where he was program director.

Returning to Orlando in 1958, he took a job with WHOO which ran a block format and had recently been bought by Bluegrass Broadcasting. From there, he landed a brief gig with WLOF before leaving to manage Ocoee’s WOKB which was programming country. After the station’s owner flipped the music format to R&B, he returned to WLOF which, by that time, had switched to Top 40 and was locked in a fierce battle with WHOO.

In 1962, after putting in some time at Ft. Myers’ WMYR, Bob built (with his brother, Bill), managed and was part-owner of WZZZ in Boynton Beach. After that, he returned to Orlando and worked with country daytimer WHIY doing some engineering and writing copy before joining WABR, the 24-hour country operation. In the 70’s, his work included stints with WBJW, WORJ-AM, and again in Tampa Bay. 

From 1980 to the end of his career, he worked in Leesburg. His last radio job was hosting three-hours in morning drive at WLBE, the station where it all began for him many years earlier. Then, in August 2009, he announced he was semi-retiring from radio due to health concerns.

Central Florida lost a true radio legend the following November when Bob passed away from cancer at the age of 81.  

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