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Tim's Co-Workers

Mary Cameron
Nancy Cattarius
John Cotterill
Larry Cox
Dave Day
Gary Dennis
Robert Hall
Angie Harrell
Scott Hooker
Steve Howard
Henry Jay
Ed Kirkland
Mel Letanosky
Terry Lombardi
Enrique Lopez
Lorie Marx
Sara Michaels
Eric Michaels
Tunie Moss
Tom O'Brien
Andrea Oliver
Terry Roberts
Arthur Rowbotham
Bonnie Rowbotham
Drew Scott
Tom Shaw
Rob Tanner
Jeni Taylor
Debbie Tennick (Hogan)
Renee Weems
Woody Wooden
Dave Wright
Scott Wynn
Reba Zoellner

Tim Galloway

Throughout most of his adult life, Tim was a professional musician and audio recording engineer. His radio career began in 1989 when he joined Root Communications as a part-time engineer for Lakeland’s AM-1430 WLKF and FM 94.1 WEZY.

When the FM was sold and moved to Tampa in 1996, he joined Hall Communications across town as Chief Engineer for its two stations, AM-1230 WONN and 97 Country WPCV-FM. About that time, Hall acquired WLKF and, soon afterwards, Arcadia’s 98.3 WWRZ-FM. Suddenly, his duties went from overseeing two stations to four stations.

The son of a Southern Baptist minister, Tim learned to play the piano at an early age and went on to study music at Howard College in Birmingham. After years of extensive travel with road shows and concert tours, he stopped in Dallas for a spell and earned a living as a session musician and recording engineer.

In 1989, he returned home, settled down on a small farm north of Lakeland, and became an active partner in Music Ranch, a local 24-track recording studio. He also played piano in a local blues band. It was his love of music that eventually led him to relinquish his radio job in 2001 to pursue work as a music producer and musician on a full-time rather than part-time basis.

After a lengthy illness and the after-effects of a stroke, Tim passed away Nov. 14, 2011 at the age of 64.

Station History

1996 - 2001 WPCV-FM 97.5 - Winter Haven (Engineering)

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