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Dick's Co-Workers

Dr. Paul Bearer
Dick Bennick
Frank Berry
Garland Burt
Dave Campbell
Al Cash
Nancy Cattarius
Bob Collins
Jim Corbett
Larry Cox
Mike Creager
Spencer Danes
Dar Dodds
Al Dunaway
Scott Edwards
Bob Fuller
Ronnie Gee
Martin Giles
Dan Grant
Jim Greenfield
Charles Hasbrouck
Stanley Hubbard
Henry Jay
Patti Jordan
Bob Kelly
Jim Kennedy
Max Kimbrel
Jim Maloy
Hal Meyer
John Morrow
Elaine Powell
George Prescott
Roy Riley
Dave Schick
Dale Starkey
Bob Wery
Jacki West
Woody Wooden

Dick Hart

Dick was an early WGTO staff engineer from the 1950’s through 1971. He later became Chief Engineer in 1982 and held the position until Hubbard Broadcasting sold the station in 1986.

Station History

1958 - 1971 WGTO-AM 540 - Haines City (Engineering)
1982 - 1986 WGTO-AM 540 - Haines City (Engineering)

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