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Stanley's Co-Workers

Lloyd Barham
Dr. Paul Bearer
Rick Beckett
Wes Belisle
Dick Bennick
Frank Berry
Charlie Brown
Bill Burnett
Garland Burt
Dave Campbell
Bill Carson
Al Cash
Nancy Cattarius
Bob Collins
Jim Corbett
Larry Cox
Mike Creager
Spencer Danes
Dan Dermody
Dar Dodds
Al Dunaway
Charlie Edwards
Scott Edwards
Bob Fuller
Ronnie Gee
Martin Giles
Dan Grant
Jim Greenfield
Dick Hart
Charles Hasbrouck
Henry Jay
Patti Jordan
Bob Kelly
Jim Kennedy
Max Kimbrel
Jim Maloy
Bob McCord
Mike McGough
Hal Meyer
John Morrow
Joe Patrick
Elaine Powell
George Prescott
Roy Riley
Dave Schick
Terry Slane
Dale Starkey
Paul Titchenal
Howard Trickey
Bob Wery
Jacki West
Woody Wooden
Dave Wright

Stanley E. Hubbard

Hubbard Broadcasting Corporation is a company based in St. Paul, Minnesota, that was started by Stanley E. Hubbard. Its flagship stations, KSTP AM/FM/TV, serve the Twin Cities region of Minnesota and western Wisconsin. KSTP actually began as WAMD-AM (Where All Minneapolis Dances) and derived its call letters from the live dances which the station aired from local ballrooms.

In 1958 Hubbard bought 10,000 watt WGTO-AM 540 which operated out of the Palm Crest Hotel in Haines City. After getting the nod from the FCC to up power to 50,000 watts, the station moved to new offices and studios at Cypress Gardens near Winter Haven. At the end of 28 years of ownership, Hubbard sold WGTO in 1986 to a religious broadcasting group.

In addition to WGTO, Hubbard’s other Florida broadcast facility was WTOG-TV Channel 44 in St. Petersburg which it put on the air in 1968. Although the station became one of the country’s most successful independents, like WGTO, it was sold after 28 years of ownership, picked up by Paramount Stations Group, a subsidiary of Viacom, in 1996. At one time Hubbard also owned a group of bookstores (Bound to be Read), one of which was located in Ft. Myers, but all are now closed.

Stanley S. Hubbard, the founder’s son, joined the company in 1951 and became its president in 1967. Since 1983 he has been the company’s chairman, president, and chief executive officer. Today (2006) Hubbard Broadcasting operates four radio stations and 13 television stations scattered across Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, and New Mexico, and the Hubbard Radio Network, distributor of KSTP-AM’s local talk shows in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas.

Station History

1958 - 1986 WGTO-AM 540 - Haines City (Management)

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