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Barry's Co-Workers

Charlie Brown
Jim Campbell
Rita Christie
Rick Hoover
Jon Hull
Tom Trulson
Stephen Winters

Barry Landis

Barry was WCIE’s program director during the Lakeland station’s early years from 1975 to 1978. The former singer (with Christian vocal group Bridge) left radio to return to the music industry where, for more than 20 years, he was a major record label executive (president of Word Records and an executive for Atlantic Records’ Christian division and Warner Alliance). He received the Outstanding Alumnus Award from both Mt. Vernon Nazarene University and Western Kentucky University when he completed his Master’s Degree, and has served as an adjunct college professor in Nashville.

Today (2008), Barry is chairman and CEO of Landis Entertainment and Media Partners, secretary of the Nashville chapter of NARAS, on the board of directors of the Briner Institute (a non-profit think tank that trains students in shaping culture through the media), and a member of the board of governors for the organization that presents the annual Grammy Awards.


Station History

1975 - 1978 WCIE-FM 91.3 Lakeland (Program Director)
1975 - 1978 WCIE-FM 91.3 Lakeland (On Air Personality)

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