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Barry Landis
Alice Faye Redd
Tom Trulson

Stephen Winters

Stephen was news director, host of the daily one-hour talk show “Feedback,” and pulled mornings on Lakeland Christian station WCIE from late 1977 to mid 1980. During his three years there, he wrote a cookbook (“The Happy Homemaker-Bashful Bachelor Cookbook”) with Alice Faye Redd that featured recipes from listeners and the WCIE staff, and discovered Rita Christie, a station secretary at the time he asked her to join him do a fun-filled weather report at 8:40 each morning. After leaving WCIE, he managed other radio stations in Iowa, Wisconsin, and North Dakota using his birth name, Stephen Winzenburg. He has also taught broadcasting at four colleges, including Florida Southern in Lakeland.

Best known for his research on television evangelists, sitcoms and talk shows, Stephen has authored three books – “Watching TV Shows” (2003), “TV’s Greatest Sitcoms” (2004), and “TV’s Greatest Talk Shows” – and has been the subject of over 500 media stories, appearing on ABC’s “Nightline,” “The CBS Evening News,” and “Good Morning America.” His comments have been published in Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and more than 30 times in USA Today.

Today (2008), Stephen is a professor of communications at Grand View College in Des Moines where he manages two radio stations. His daughter is also in the radio business and works in Lakeland at “97 Country” WPCV using the air name Jenna Winters.


Station History

1977 - 1980 WCIE-FM 91.3 Lakeland (On Air Personality)

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