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Hugh's Co-Workers

Joe Asher
Frank Clarke
Jerry Hughes
Joe Penny
Buck Williams

Hugh Hughes

Hugh Hughes was president of WWAB, Inc., owner of Lakeland radio station WWAB. He purchased the then-country music station in 1973 and flipped the format to Urban/R&B in 1975 to serve Lakeland’s African-American community.

Hughes and his station celebrated several firsts for Polk County radio. WWAB was the first station to use an airplane to give daily traffic reports, the first station to devote its entire programming to the African-American community and, beginning in 1997, the first station to have a regular local program on a national network. That program was "Straight Talk” hosted by Jerry Hughes, Mr. Hughes’ now deceased son. It was a daily three-hour talk show heard not only all over the U.S. via the Accent Radio Network, but also the world over the Internet.

Hugh Hughes passed away March 17, 2015 at the age of 87.

Station History

1973 - 2015 WYSE/WWAB-AM 1330 - Lakeland (Management)

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