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Roscoe's Co-Workers

Tom Anthony
Mike Creager
Mark Dempsey
John Jenkins
Bob Kelly
Jay Kuppers

Roscoe P. Goodtyme

Roscoe P. Goodtyme was Paul Gilmore, a lad raised in Rhode Island who became a member of a rock band at the age of 14. Following a hitch with the Marine Corps, he took a job with the telephone company, but that didn’t satisfy him. Then, sometime later, he was unofficially entertaining some partygoers when someone mentioned how funny he was and that he should be on the radio. Three months later, he was on the air.

His early career took him to WBRU Providence, RI, WGNG Pawtucket, RI, and WCCC Hartford, CT before he joined Hartford’s WDRC in early 1979, first as its midnight to 6AM guy, and then, a few months later, host on the morning show. During the year he was there, he also did some weekend work at WNBC in New York.

The next year, he spotted an ad for WQPD, which was looking for a comedian  to work the morning show. He applied for the position and got it. Sadly, though, his time there would be a short one.

Paul committed suicide around Thanksgiving 1980.

Station History

1980 - 1980 WQPD-AM 1430 - Lakeland (On Air Personality)

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