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Marji's Co-Workers

Tom Anthony
Dr. Paul Bearer
Dick Bennick
Laura Bevan
Leroy Bradley
Peter Callahan
Mary Cameron
Nancy Cattarius
Larry Cox
Sharon Creedon
Bob Crews
Gary Dennis
Dollars & Sense
Tim Galloway
Lee Garen
Harry Gordon
Keith Halladay
Dean Hanna
Bud Kurtz
Dave Lane
Mel Letanosky
Andrea Oliver
Chapman Root
Tom Shaw
Tom Trulson

Marji Bedgood

Although Marji had worked earlier in Lakeland radio at WLAK in the 1960’s, she began at WONN around 1970 as a copywriter. In 1974 she moved into programming but returned to her position as a copywriter in 1975.

From 1976 through the 1980’s, Marji was a copywriter for WVFM (later WEZY) and WLKF. She retired in 1990 and has since passed away.

(Photo: Photography by Tim Bedgood, Plant City, FL)

Station History

1983 - 1990 WLKF-AM 1430 - Lakeland (Production)

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