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Dave Campbell

Dave (Charles Hasbrouck) began his radio career working weekends at Lakeland’s beautiful music WVFM while enrolled as a student at the University of South Florida in Tampa. After adjusting his college class schedule to enable him to work additional hours, he joined WPLA in Plant City (as Dave Ralston) in 1969 and eventually went full time with the station.

For a six-month period in 1971, Dave left WPLA to become program director for Lakeland’s new WQPD, but returned to his Plant City post until leaving to do mornings at Tampa’s WQYK in 1974. The next year, he was doing mornings at Lakeland’s WONN, owned at that time by NBC Sports personality Joe Garagiola. 

In 1977, word was on the street that Cypress Gardens’ 50,000 watt giant, WGTO, was going to flip to a country music format and Dave was approached to handle mornings and the position of music director. They also wanted him to change his on-air name from “Ralston” to “Campbell” because they thought it sounded more country. He agreed, and that name change would remain with him for the rest of his radio career.

When Hubbard Broadcasting, WGTO’s owner, announced in 1986 that they were selling the station and that the country music format was being replaced with religious programming, Dave started looking around to see if there were openings at any other area stations. As luck would have it, he landed the mid-day slot at WVFM in Lakeland, the station where he had started his radio career almost 20 years earlier. After almost two years there, he returned to WPLA in 1988 just in time to become an original on-air sports/talk host when the station flipped to Sportsradio 910 WFNS, Tampa Bay’s first all-sports station, in 1990. Following a hitch with Lakeland’s WLKF from 1994 to 1996, he left the radio business altogether.

Today (2007) Dave operates a small home-based business that serves the mortgage industry, and is completing work on his Master’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Central Florida.


Station History

1994 - 1996 WLKF-AM 1430 - Lakeland (On Air Personality)

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