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Leroy's Co-Workers

Tom Anthony
Dr. Paul Bearer
Marji Bedgood
Dick Bennick
Mary Cameron
Dave Campbell
Bob Crews
Dance the Night Away
Gary Dennis
Tim Galloway
Dean Godfrey
Harry Gordon
Dean Hanna
Dave Harrell
Ed Kirkland
Bud Kurtz
Mel Letanosky
Jim Maloy
Bob McCarthy
Chapman Root
Tom Shaw
Cliff Shilling
Tom Trulson

Leroy Bradley

Leroy was born in Birdtown, NC and earned a BA in psychology and business management from the University of Maryland (Class of 1959). After retiring from the Air Force in 1971, he moved to Polk County and served a three-year stint as general manager for Bartow’s WPUL before leaving for a sales position with Lakeland’s easy listening 94.1 WVFM.

In 1983, he was elevated to sales manager when Root Communications of Daytona Beach acquired WVFM (which later became WEZY) and Lakeland Top 40 AM-1430 WQPD (which shortly thereafter became WLKF). His leadership efforts were rewarded again nearly a decade later when Root appointed him GM over both stations in 1992.

When Root sold both of its Lakeland properties in the mid 90’s, Leroy left radio to serve as the executive director for the Downtown Lakeland Partnership and PR director for Showcase Publications in Lakeland. He passed away July 12, 2015 at the age of 83.

Station History

1988 - 1992 WVFM/WEZY-FM 94.1 - Lakeland (Sales)
1992 - 1994 WVFM/WEZY-FM 94.1 - Lakeland (Management)

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