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Joe's Co-Workers

Bud Kurtz
Duane McConnell
Jay Rich
Arnold Silvert
Bruce Weaver
Tom Wilnau
Lindsey Yates

Joe Boyd

Joe was from Martinsville, Virginia and held the position of WVFM News Director from 1971 to 1973. He later became a reporter and columnist for Lakeland's newspaper, The Ledger,  and taught journalism at the University of Florida where he received his B.A. He also served as a science writer for the university and worked for United Press International.

In the early 1980's Joe was Director of Public Relations for Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals. Since 1985 he has been with MCS, an award-winning PR agency for the healthcare industry, and today (2005) is the company‚Äôs CEO.

Station History

1971 - 1973 WVFM/WEZY-FM 94.1 - Lakeland (News)

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