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Bob's Co-Workers

Tom Anthony
Dr. Paul Bearer
Marji Bedgood
Dick Bennick
Laura Bevan
Leroy Bradley
Charlie Brown
Bill Burnett
Mary Cameron
Dave Campbell
Sharon Creedon
Bob Crews
Dance the Night Away
Mark Dempsey
Gary Dennis
Tim Galloway
Dean Godfrey
Harry Gordon
Jim Greenfield
Dean Hanna
Dave Harrell
Charles Hasbrouck
Jay Kuppers
Bud Kurtz
Dave Lane
Mel Letanosky
Jim Maloy
Duane McConnell
Donna Renfroe
Joyce Robbins
Chapman Root
Tom Shaw
Cliff Shilling
Tom Trulson
Tom Wilnau

Bob McCarthy

Bob came to WVFM in 1978 and worked nights from six to midnight. In 1992 (after call letters had changed to WEZY) Root Communications decided to completely automate the station, and Bob joined others at the station who found themselves out of work.

Even though he was no longer on the radio, Bob continued to make his home in Lakeland and died about six months later from cancer.

Station History

1978 - 1992 WVFM/WEZY-FM 94.1 - Lakeland (On Air Personality)

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