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Topographic map showing Seminole tower sites for WFSO, WQXM-FM, WGNP and WGNB-FM - early 1970's

That's Park Boulevard running east and west and Starkey Road running north and south. The old 400' WQXM-FM tower at 8320 Starkey Road was torn down and replaced by a 649' tower in the late 70's, then replaced again by another 649' tower in 1995. This tower was built for WGNB-AM 1520 and used for several years, but now is used for cell phone antennas. Both WGNB-FM  and its sister station WGNP-AM (later changed to WGNB-AM) towers on this map were torn down in the early 90's.  WGNB-FM became 101.5 WKES (KESwick) and later moved to 91.1 in 1995, the former frequency of Lakeland's adult contemporary Christian station WCIE-FM.

(courtesy Kevin Coldiron)

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