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FCC History Cards - 1955

History Cards were first used by the Department of Commerce to keep track of applications filed by, and changes
to, the earliest broadcast stations in the 1920s. The record were subsequently transferred to the Federal Radio
Commission in 1927 and, after that, to the Federal Communications Commission when that agency was created
in 1934. History cards remained in use until the creation of the first computerized database in 1980 to track
broadcast applications, the The Broadcast Applicatiopn Processing System (BAPS). However, the Commission
did not transfer the data from the History Cards to the new system and, instead, retained them in their original
form (3" by 5" filing cards) for reference. In 1999, the History Cards were transferred to microfiche for public
use with the hope that they would be of value to future researchers of radio station history. (Photo: Frank Berry)

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