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Towers for WMNF (1986-2006), WYNF/WWRM (1984-2005), and WBVM (1986-2005) - photo 1

This is the WTVT tower site on Boyette Road in Riverview. The large red & white tower on the left is WTVT's old analog tower which was built in 1966 and is in the process of removal (2012). WYNF/WWRM used this tower from 1984-2005, and WBVM used it at the same time. The silver tower in the center of the picture is WTVT's digital tower. It was built in 1998 because the red & white tower could not support the weight of the new digital equipment. The red & white tower on the right is WTVT's tower built in 1955 and moved to this location in 1966. It was leased to the Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation's WMNF from 1986-2006 and demolished in 2009. (Photo courtesy Kevin Coldiron)



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