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The men and women of WONN, WPCV, WLKF and WWRZ - 1999

(L-R): Melvina Letanosky, Jim Maloy, Tom O'Brien, Debbie Tennick, Val Carlton, Jeni Taylor, Dave Day,
Andrea Oliver, Woody Wooden, Dave Wright, Treva Surrency, Eric Michaels, Renee Weems, Jim
Greenfield, Tom Shaw, Steve Pruitt, Ed Kirkland, Larry Cox, Duane Jackson, Mary Jane Mruczek, Gail
Borden, Bob Crews, Mary Cameron, Scott Wynn, Yvonne Abram, Dick Goleno, Steve Howard, Chris
Kelly, Bonnie Rowbotham, Art Rowbotham, John Cotterill, Reba Zoellner, and Nancy Cattarius.

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