Other Stations - WQPD-AM 1430 - Lakeland - Who's Who

Who’s Who includes biographies on the station’s staff and a few featured programs. To go to the page for each person or program, click on a name below.

Tom Anthony
Dr. Paul Bearer
Dick Bennick
Frank Berry
Al Brock
Charlie Brown
Bill Burnett
Garland Burt
Dave Campbell
Rick Collins
Larry Cox
Mike Creager
Mark Dempsey
Dan Dermody
Roscoe P. Goodtyme
Charles Hasbrouck
Bob Helmick
Glen Hill
Hugh Holder
Les Howard
John Jenkins
Bob Kelly
Tom Kennington
Gary Knight
Jay Kuppers
Jim Maloy
Bob McCord
George McGovern
Steve Michaels
Robert Ottinger
Terry Roberts
Gene Schlei
Nick Shutak
Dave Wright
Lindsey Yates

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