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Bud Kurtz

Frank M. “Bud” Kurtz, Jr., was originally from Joplin, Missouri, and came to WLAK as GM in 1963 from WWNR in Beckley, West Virginia, where he had been sales manager. He left Lakeland in 1966 to do sales for Orlando’s WFTV Channel 9 for about a year but returned to sign on Lakeland’s first stereo FM station, WVFM, in September of 1967. During the station’s early years, he also did a morning airshift in addition to his duties as owner and manager.

In 1983, Daytona Beach’s Root Communications bought WVFM (renamed WEZY in 1988) and Bud stayed on as general manager until 1992, running not only the FM, but also Root’s other Lakeland property, WLKF-AM. He and his wife, Alwina, also owned Outdoor Advertising, a local billboard company, and continued to live in Lakeland after he left radio.

Bud passed away from heart failure December 20, 2006 at the age of 79.


Station History

1963 - 1966 WLAK (Management)

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