Who's Who at WLAK

The following staff worked at the station during the program's run.

Powell Adams
Bert Arnold
Garland Burt
Ed Cain
Howard Cann, Jr.
Al Cash
J.C. Davis
Florida Citrus Mutual Calling
Chuck Ford
Grand Ole Opry
George Hayward
Zeke Holland
Tom Kennington
Bud Kurtz
Bill Lee
NBC Monitor
Frank Nesbitt
John Parrish
Roland Potter
Ed Pyle
Earl Rahrer
Ed Richmond
Randy Robinson
Joe Trivette
S.O. Ward

Lakeland Speaks

Lakeland Speaks was a fifteen minute telephone call-in program that was aired Monday through Friday nights at 7:15 P.M. on WLAK beginning in the spring of 1957. Although it did not include an on-air host or moderator, the program provided Lakeland listeners the opportunity to be put on the air "live" to voice their opinions on various subjects and topics of interest to them.

Station History

1957 - 1963 WLAK (Featured Program)

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