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John's Co-Workers

Diane Bass
Garland Burt
Al Cash
Al Dohany
Florida Citrus Mutual Calling
Ken Grimwood
Don Heishman
Alex Houston
Bud Kurtz
NBC Monitor
Roland Potter
Ed Pyle
Dave Ross
Gene Scott
John Spears
Joe Trivette

John Hoy

John (John Haughee) was “Your Boy, John Hoy” at Lakeland’s WONN from 1957 to 1961. In addition to doing some deejay work there, he was also the station’s news director. He had previously been program director (and did news and sports) for WIPC in Lake Wales (1953-1956).

In 1965 he joined Lakeland’s NBC affiliate WLAK. From there, he became news director for cross-town country station WWAB (1968), and then went on to spend some time at Plant City’s WPLA in the early 70’s.

John passed away in 1976.

Station History

1965 - 1967 WLAK (On Air Personality)

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