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Willie's Co-Workers

Arch Abernethy
Brad Baad
Linda Baad
Bob Bartel
Marji Bedgood
Tim Bedgood
Paula Bennett
Bob Berry
Frank Berry
John Bond
Mike Booker
Jerry Bright
Al Brock
Charlie Brown
Charles Bruce
Garland Burt
Ed Cain
Mary Cameron
Dave Campbell
Jim Campbell
Nancy Cattarius
Brooke Chamberlain
Bert Christopher
Frank Clarke
Bob Collins
Ted Covington
Larry Cox
Bob Crews
Yvonne Cummings
Dance the Night Away
Dave Day
Tom Dell
Gary Dennis
Larry DeVore
Al Dohany
Loris Duncan
Scott Edwards
Jack Eilertsen
Howard Ellis
Dick Eyrich
Florida Calling
Florida Citrus Mutual Calling
Ron Fraiser
Bill Francisco
Tim Galloway
Joe Garagiola
John Gilman
Eddie Glover
Murray Goldsborough
Dick Goleno
Stan Grams
Jim Greenfield
Bob Hailey
Robert Hall
Darla Hall
Rich Halten
Angie Harrell
Ron Hart
Charles Hasbrouck
Bob Helmick
Mike Helminski
Cal Hendricks
Don Hiers
Bonnie Higbie
Charlie Hilliard
Alex Houston
Steve Howard
John Hoy
Jan Hutchens
Dan Huth
Ralph Janotti
Joe Pyne Show
Bob Jones
Robert King
Ed Kirkland
Laurie Krosney
Jay Kuppers
Frank Laseter
Ernie Legge
Mel Letanosky
Mike Lusk
Jim Maloy
Larry Marker
Phyllis Maxwell
Bill McClure
Duane McConnell
Yvonne McDaniel
George McGovern
Graham Mela
DuLaurence Miller
Pat Morgan
Tunie Moss
John Newman
Bob Nickell
Andrea Oliver
Skip Paradise
Mike Parrish
June Pastore
Buddy Penn
Eric Pera
Jonnie Pinkston
Ed Pyle
Tommy Reynolds
Jay Rich
Roy Riley
Joyce Robbins
Terry Roberts
Brenda Roberts
Dave Ross
Arthur Rowbotham
Bonnie Rowbotham
Butch Rush
Dan Sanborn
Gene Schlei
Marge Schmidt
Frank Schulte
Tom Shaw
Bob Shoopman
Pappy Smith
Jerry Smithwick
Smoke House Serenade
Bill Snyder
Dave Sousa
Steve Sparkman
Lenn Spears
Russ Starner
Jim Stevenson
Vic Swan
Shari Szabo
Tom Talcott
John Taylor
Robert Taylor
Debbie Tennick (Hogan)
The Ebony Special
Time With the Taylors
George Tuttle, Sr
Jacqueline Valentino
Tutt Walker
Phil Wayne
Dick Weaver
Renee Weems
Alan Wendt
Dave Wenger
Mark Wheeler
Bob White
Tim White
Chris Wolf
Bob Wolfe
Shirley Wolfe
Woody Wooden
Reba Zoellner

Willie Anderson, Sr.

Willie was born in Surrency, Georgia and moved to Lakeland in his teens. For 47 years, he was the custodian at WONN, a position he held from 1950 until his retirement in 1997.

He was also custodian for stockbrokers James I. Black & Co. for 43 years and church sexton at All Saints Episcopal Church for 45 years.

Willie passed away August 18, 2012 at home due to complications from alzheimer's at the age of 98.

Station History

1950 - 1997 WONN (Various)

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