Who's Who at WONN

George's Co-Workers

Willie Anderson, Sr.
Paula Bennett
Larry Cox
Dave Day
Scott Edwards
Florida Citrus Mutual Calling
Eddie Glover
Bob Hailey
Robert Hall
Charlie Hilliard
Robert King
Laurie Krosney
Pat Morgan
Jonnie Pinkston
Dan Sanborn
Frank Schulte
Lenn Spears

George McGovern

George began his radio career at the age of 15 as a way to finance opera lessons. That’s right. This talented former program director and deejay for Lakeland’s WQPD and WONN wanted to perform on stage as an opera singer.

Things didn’t work out that way though, and he went on to continue his work in radio, pulling stints at WMFJ/Daytona Beach, WPDQ/Jacksonville, and WLCY/St. Petersburg prior to his move to Lakeland. 

George left Polk County in 1981, eventually got out of radio, and opened a bar on St. Pete Beach.

Station History

1979 - 1981 WONN (On Air Personality)

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