Who's Who at WONN

The following staff worked at the station during the program's run.

Willie Anderson, Sr.
Jerry Bright
Jim Campbell
Brooke Chamberlain
Bob Crews
Larry DeVore
Jack Eilertsen
Florida Citrus Mutual Calling
Ron Fraiser
John Gilman
Eddie Glover
Ron Hart
Bob Helmick
Mike Helminski
Cal Hendricks
Don Hiers
Alex Houston
Jay Kuppers
Frank Laseter
Ernie Legge
Jim Maloy
Bill McClure
Duane McConnell
Yvonne McDaniel
DuLaurence Miller
Pat Morgan
Buddy Penn
Jonnie Pinkston
Terry Roberts
Dave Ross
Butch Rush
Dan Sanborn
Gene Schlei
Marge Schmidt
Jerry Smithwick
Smoke House Serenade
Bill Snyder
Dave Sousa
Steve Sparkman
Russ Starner
Vic Swan
Tom Talcott
George Tuttle, Sr
Bob White
Bob Wolfe
Shirley Wolfe

Joe Pyne Show

Joe Pyne was a former Marine and WWII veteran from Chester, Pennsylvania, who collected three battle stars and lost his left leg during the war. He started his radio career at WCAM in Camden, New Jersey, and began his first TV show in Wilmington, Delaware. At the peak of his career in 1966, Pyne’s syndicated talk show appeared on Metromedia-owned TV stations and 254 radio stations across the country, including WONN from 1965 to 1967 where his one-hour radio show ran weeknights at 10:30 PM right after Smokehouse Serenade.

Known as the father of “in-your-face” talk radio, Joe insulted people on his show long before it became hip. Some described the show as “shocking” for its time because not only was he verbally aggressive, but at times he would become physically violent.  Pyne was perhaps the first angry conservative to “let it all hang out” on radio and TV, insulting and verbally assaulting his liberal guests, “fringe” celebrities, or any public figure who disagreed with him.

Joe always did his show from behind a desk, possibly because he was self-conscious about his wooden leg. Legend has it that Frank Zappa appeared on the show once and Pyne quickly went on the attack with, “So I guess your long hair makes you a woman.” Zappa quickly fired back, “So I guess your wooden leg makes you a table.”

Members of the audience also got to be a part of the show and would step up to the “Beef Box” to address the host or a guest. If Joe didn’t like what he heard, he would quickly tell the audience member to “take a hike.”

Pyne ended each broadcast with his signature sign off, “Good night everybody - straight ahead.” He was a heavy smoker and died of lung cancer at age 44 in 1970.

Station History

1965 - 1967 WONN (Featured Program)

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