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Dan Huth

Dan came to Lakeland in 1960 from WBIL in Leesburg. At WONN, he worked the 6 to midnight shift and did some production. Dan left the same year for Miami where he worked at several stations, beginning with WCKR, using the air-name Johnny Midnight. By 1962, he had moved across town to WKAT. By 1963 he was at WIOD, a job that lasted for two years. In 1965 he was known as Dan Chandler at WQAM where he was Program Director for five years.

Dan picked up some acting credits in his spare time while working in Miami that included the NBC-TV Flipper series which was filmed in the area, and a running part in a syndicated series called The Everglades (think Highway Patrol with alligators) where he played the game warden's sidekick and airboat guide, Pete Hammond. Dan left radio in 1970 to found a video production company with another WQAM deejay, Rick Shaw. More recently, he narrated a series of programs for the History Channel and HGTV.

The Valders, WI native, raised in Manatee County on Anna Maria Island, passed away February 7, 2023 at the age of 84.


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1960 - 1960 WONN (On Air Personality)

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