Who's Who at WONN

Frank's Co-Workers

Willie Anderson, Sr.
Brad Baad
Linda Baad
Marji Bedgood
Frank Berry
Al Brock
Charlie Brown
Dave Campbell
Larry Cox
Dave Day
Florida Citrus Mutual Calling
Joe Garagiola
Eddie Glover
Dick Goleno
Bob Hailey
Charles Hasbrouck
Charlie Hilliard
Ralph Janotti
Robert King
Laurie Krosney
Jay Kuppers
Mike Lusk
George McGovern
Pat Morgan
Mike Parrish
Buddy Penn
Jonnie Pinkston
Tommy Reynolds
Joyce Robbins
Dan Sanborn
Alan Wendt
Chris Wolf

Frank Schulte

Frank was from Plant City where he operated a service station before getting into the sales end of the radio business at WPLA in the late 1960’s. In the mid 70’s he joined WONN in Lakeland in a similar position.

Today (2005), his home is in the Bradenton area where he runs a pawn shop

Station History

1975 - 1979 WONN (Sales)

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