Who's Who at WPLA

Jim's Co-Workers

Al Berry
Eileen Connor
Mary Jim Everidge
Florida Citrus Mutual Calling
George Friend
Gospel Homecoming
Don Heither
Ernest Holbrook
Ed LaFumee
Joe Penny
Jim Richardson
Jack Rushing
Doris Smith
W. A. Smith
Steve Sparkman
Joe Wilson

Jim Ward

Jim worked at WPLA in 1963 and 1964 following his graduation from college where he was studying for the ministry. When he left Plant City, Jim moved to Texas to begin his life’s work in the church.

Today (2004), he is a preacher at the Lost River Church of Christ in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he lives with his wife, Janie, and  son, Matt.

Station History

1963 - 1964 WPLA (On Air Personality)

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