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Joe Wilson

Joe was a former newspaper man and a real “old school” one at that. When he and his wife moved to Plant City, Joe became WPLA’s News Director, writing and editing the station’s daily half-hour Dateline Local News program heard each afternoon at 12:30.

Joe was somewhat of a blustery character in his daily interaction with co-workers, but underneath it all, he had a heart of gold and was really a kindly old gentleman. But if you were around him long enough, you knew to NEVER try to retrieve something that you thought might have gotten thrown into his wastebasket. Joe loved to chew on his cigars all day while writing the news, and ….well… you can imagine what you might pull out.

Joe passed away in the mid to late 1960’s.

(Photo courtesy Plant City Photo Archives)

Station History

1953 - 1967 WPLA (News)

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