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10th Anniversary open house - 1959
A front view of the WPLA building from across South Collins Street - 1977
Aerial view of road going back to the new tower site in Dover - 1979
Aerial view of road leading across field to new tower and transmitter site in Dover - 1979
Close-up of Collins 212B control room console used from the 1950's to late 1970's
Control room and Collins console - 1978
Gates ST-101 Spot Tape recorder/playback unit - 1960's
Gates ST-101 Spot Tape recording tape - 1960's
Late 1980's view of old entrance to WPLA studios
Live studio broadcast shortly after WPLA went on the air in 1949
Production room - 1980's
Strawberry Festival remote studio - 1959
Studio building - early 1960s
The WPLA office and studio building as a day care center - mid 1990's
The WPLA office and studio building as it looks today - 2005
View of early WPLA studios - early 1950's
Vintage Magnecorder - 1950's/60's
Work begins on one of the new WPLA towers in Dover - late 1970's
Work continues as the new towers go up in Dover (the new transmitter site) - late 1970's
WPLA as it looked at the end of the 1960's decade.
WPLA studios - late 1950's
WPLA studios and tower - mid 1950's
WPLA studios and tower - 1951
WPLA tower - circa 1990
WPLA used a Collins transmitter (Model 20v2) from the 50's to the 70's - photo 1

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